Morning Stars


Substitute egg whites on any egg dish. Grits or sliced tomatoes for potato on any entré Charge. Fresh fruit. We proudly serve country fresh extra large eggs


Eggs Benny

Benny, the all-time brunch favorite! Poached eggs and canadian bacon on an english muffin, all smothered in hollandaise

Make it a Super Benny.......

Huevos Avocado

Poached eggs on an english muffin that's covered with pico de gallo, avocado, sour cream & melted cheese

Make it Grande ....

Florentine Benny

Sun dried tomatoes & fresh organic sautéed spinach lay upon an english muffin with poached eggs and lathered in hollandaise

Portobello Croissant Benny

A steamed portobello cap with sautéed organic spinach on a half croissant with poached eggs and hollandaise


Bronx Lox Benny

Fresh house cured salmon on toasted bagel with poached eggs, and topped with red onions, capers & hollandaise


Atkin's diet substitution: substitute bacon, sausage, bacon, turkey sausage, canadian bacon (duck) On any entrée for potatoes & bread. Ask about our gluten friendly menu. Sub a pancake for toast on any plate for only.

Lean and Mean Turkey Sausage Plate

Lean jimmy dean turkey sausages served with 3 egg whites scrambled, fresh fruit & dry whole grain toast

Which Came First?

Hormone free grilled chicken breast served with 3 egg whites, fresh fruit & whole grain toast


Guiltless Organic Wheat Cakes

Stone ground wheat flour pancakes made with slam milk, honey & brown sugar. Topped with organic wheat germ

Short Stack ...

For Brain Power, Add Blueberries ...


Not, I repeat not low carb nor low fat. Served with whipped butter and syrup. Sugar-free syrup on request. Indulge in pure maple syrup $1.29. For smaller appetites, order a "short stack". Sub organic wheat batter on any cake

Blueberry Crunch Cakes

Our signature 'cakes. The crunch is granola for goodness

Short Stack .......

+Add a Side of Bacon .......

Guava Stuffed French Toast

Guava cream cheese stuffed inside our challah french toast coated in crushed corn flakes topped with fresh strawberries and slivered almonds. Oh my!!!


Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Three large pancakes with chocolate chips baked throughout

Short Stack ......


Plain Ole' Cakes

If you insist!

Short Stack .........

Maple French Toast

Challah bread soaked in batter made with eggs, milk, maple syrup, brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla

Short Stack ........

Belgian Waffle

Baked in our cast iron bakers and dusted with butter & powdered sugar

+ Make it a Bacon Waffle, Add ................

Chunky Monkey Cakes

Fresh bananas, chocolate chips and roasted pecans fill a stack of fluffy pancakes

Short Stack ............

Strawberry or Bluberry Waffle

Our golden belgian waffle topped with fresh plant city strawberries or blueberries and whipped cream!

+Add a Side of Bacon or Sausage ............